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Golden Eldorado

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Golden Eldorado

~ Golden Eldorado

Pseuderanthemum reticulatum

Ornamental tropical flowering shrub.  An erect, multi-branched and evergreen perennial shrub that is moderate to fast-growing

Grows easily with moderate care. It enjoys the sunny, humid and wet seasons of the tropics.  Grows best in full sun or partial sun for vibrant foliage colors. Average water requirements. However, it thrives best with regular watering, especially during the hot and dry seasons. It enjoys high humidity. Prefers well-drained and fertile loamy soils. Prune regularly to maintain preferred height and size, to encourage new growth and more blooms, as well as to keep bush dense and compact. It tolerates hard-pruning very well and should be applied to keep hedges neat and tidy. Feed once monthly with a balanced fertilizer. Generally free from diseases and pests. However, do watch out for caterpillars that feed on its leaves.

Sun Iconfull to partial sun

Water Icon   average

Height Icon 3′ to 6 ‘