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Stemmadenia Tree

Posted by on Dec 7, 2015 in All, Trees | Comments Off on Stemmadenia Tree


Also called Milky Way, is considered to be one of the most beautiful tropical ornamental trees in the world. The fragrance of abundant flowers is outstanding.  Not every gardener knows about this tree since it’s so rare, while it is as great as famous Perfume trees (Michelia champaca and Cananga odorata).  Its large white fragrant flowers of unusual shape are super-fragrant.  When in full bloom, perfume fills the area with a soft, very pleasant, musky sweetness, somewhat resembling Raphiolepis, or carnations mixed with cinnamon.  Stemmadenia is an eye-catching small size tree with a multi-layered canopy from the same family with Plumeria and Tabernaemontana.  The tree combines showy, fragrant blooms with vibrantly glossy foliage and salt tolerance that makes this species a good choice for planting near the coast or anywhere in the tropics or subtropics, particularly in small gardens.  The plant is very tolerant to soil, including alkaline, as long as it is well-drained and humid.  The tree can even tolerate a little sea spray.

It is one of the best choices for container culture.  When planted in a ground, it may reach 15-20 ft. tall; while in a pot it can be kept under 6-7 ft., doesn’t require much of a pruning, stays compact and bushy.  Another “convenient” property is that this plant tolerates shade while still blooming profusely.  In fact, filtered light for it is much better than full sun to maintain healthy, dark green waxy foliage.  The paired oval leaves are about 6 inches long and create very tropical look.  White yellow-centered tubular flowers are about 2 inches in size, pin-wheeled, which makes it resemble some Tabernaemontana species.  All Stemmadenia flower petals overlap to the left!  A massive profusion of flowers carpets the ground with fallen blossoms.